viernes, 26 de noviembre de 2010

Vegan MoFo 2010: Oven Odyssey Part 2

The second recipe was The Good Shepherd's Pie, again from my guru book Vegan World Fusion Cuisine. They recommend serving it with Avalon's Magic Mushroom Gravy and Shanti's Sour Cream. 

 I have to say this needs work. There are way too many flavors going on (the sage was overpowering, I added dry from when I used to have it in the garden). The coconut milk in the potato mix was an unnecessary waste (it is quite a luxury here), and I think I will use good old soy milk next time. 
Tofu mix

Maybe I need to pack the tofu mix a little more tightly so it won't crumble as easily. Although the instructions don't mention the crumbling directly, it IS implied by the fact that one of the options they give is to put the potato layer at the bottom so that individual pieces may be more easily served. 
Gravy in the making.

And now to the the gravy, which is a true delicacy. It is very rich and not quite as greasy as other gravies. I find the quantity to be too little, so I'll just make twice as much next time.

The Sour Cream is delicious, too. I don't really need it, but my darling loved it and complimented it specifically.

All in all, a light dish which, once perfected, can become one of my favorites.