martes, 28 de diciembre de 2010

Leche de soya (¡y okara!)

Mis queridos maestros de cocina vegetariana y vegana, Pavol y Oscar, de Sukabumi, comida consciente, me dieron amable permiso de ligar esta entrada a su página, donde tienen la receta que yo uso. Píquenle aquí para experimentar la transformación de la soya más sublime que hayan conocido. ¡Salud!

La famosísima okara, de cerquitita.

Garbanzo and cilantro croquettes

I got the recipe from my friend Lee's Vegaloca blog. You can see her original recipe here. I made some modifications mostly because I didn't have all the ingredients. Firstly, and very importantly, I didn't use black eyed peas, but garbanzos soaked overnight and cooked this morning. I had no carrots, so I used some zucchini instead. I found that the garbanzos absorbed moisture, so I only added half the flour called for in Lee's recipe. I fried the first batch; for the following batches, I just added a little bit of oil and cooked them that way. 

The spunky taste combination of cilantro and onion is amazing. As I may have mentioned before, I'm a ketchup fiend, and this time was no exception. Yum, Lee, this was a great idea!!! 

(I may very well eat some of the uncooked leftovers raw with some lime juice and finely diced chili peppers!)